May began fantastic. From 4 th until 12 I went for travelling in Germany (Hamburg) and in Portugal (Lisbon). Honestly, this time was so unforgettable for me. My main destination was Lisbon, but because I had some long stops between flights, I stayed in Hamburg, in my flatmates – Beatrice’s home. Have to mention that her mother is so excellent lady, who hosted me let me get know the city, with it’s all amazing places.


Then was Lisbon… oh, Lisbon which has been just a dream for a long time to see.


On 27 th May I organized the championship in beach-volleyball.


The was was it was rainy and cold, but your youngsters didn’t really care about it.



Finally it went so good and we had our winners. Here are they:


In the rest days of May we actually began preparing for Latvian national evening, which was going to be on 3 rd of June.

Pictures of this event are on the main page ! 🙂


Finally April came the the weather became a bit warmer. To be honest I was skeptic if I’d seen Latvian warm (:D) until June, but here we saw some nice sunny days in the beginning of month. Were also happy that the number of youngsters – visiting our center became bigger and bigger. We all were so excited and motivated to prepare something for Easter.


So the day of promised event came. On 2 nd April, we began to paint your youngster faces, and this process was perfectly lead by Beatrice and her mother, who visited us for some one week, in Vecpiebalga.


A bit later we had a special guest – An Easter-rabbit! Who played some many games with youngsters and made them so happy.


That day I found – how many youngster had been in Vecpieblga! that still haven’t yet visited us and just came that day to find some hidden chocolate-eggs! J


After some 2 weeks, on 14 th April – the day of national language of Georgia, I organized Georgian cultural evening in our youth center.


In two words – 14 th april is the day in Georgia when we celebrate the identity of our mother language. It’s quite emotional and remarkable day for us. Back in 1978 when Soviet Union declared cancelation of Georgian language, thousands of peoples went for a peaceful manifestation. Their main demand was to remind Soviet government the history of Georgian language and make them prove our national language. Finally, after some days manifestations Soviet government proved the legitimacy of Georgian language in our country.


On that day I told our youngsters and some other guests this story, some other stories about Georgia people, our culture, traditions and stereotypes. Showed them some funny and nice videos as well. In the end we played Georgian tongue twister challenge – if who would be able to repeat some hard pronunciation Georgian words, and had pudding, which I made on the previous night. I think everything went quite fine, and my wonder who people would like the evening – wasn’t right. Was also happy that everyone liked Georgian “national pudding” 😀


On Saturday, 25 th April we celebrated country’s cleaning day. Just to know – this day is so important in Latvia, cause everyone is preparing for Latvia’s 100 year anniversary, which will be in 2018. So every year, on this day people are trying to have their gardens and neighborhoods as clean as possible.

So I joined some our volunteers and local people to celebrate this day.



March was quite interesting time as well.  on 5 th March we volunteers with Linda and some youngsters went for hiking to the lake Alauksts for recording the video about environment protection.

blog fb

It went so nice. I always wanted to see the lake and finally when I saw, I was so extited. Almost whole lake was frozen and it’s was possible to walk on it even. We shot the video in regards of environment protection, to attract young people’s attention on this sensitive subject and let them think a lot about it.

In the last we made a bonfire and fried sousage on itfblog

On 12 th March I organized Novus tournament. It seemed that our youngsters were very curious for this tournamnet. I was also happy cause I saw the biggest number of youngsters – visited your center on that day, some for participating, some for just watching and support their friends.

blog novus

for blog

for bl

for blod

On 18 th March our youth center hosted popular TV star and environmental researcher – Māri Olti.

mari u blo

On that interestig meeting Māri Olti shared his opinions about  the environment protection and about the life  general. Maris also carried away the young people with their stories of adventures in various expeditions and journeys. It was interesting to hear about his diverse experience, perspective on life. Meeting in the audience asked questions and in the end agreed to a joint photo. The event gathered more than 30 young people from several parishes Vecpiebalgas county. The event was held in the Big Cleanup competition (“Lielās talkas”) within the framework.

mari ulte blo



It has been a long time I haven’t written something on my blog, so right time to tell you some very nice stories and experiences of my EVS. In the beginning of February I’ve got an invitation from my EVS colleague and compatriot – Nana to visit in Jelgava, for a international ice sculpture festival. I thought it would be a great chance to see another interesting city of Latvia and also attend quite a nice event. My doubts were right. The city and the festival were simply amazing. Me and my colleagues decided also to help a bit to organizers during the festival. Our initiative was greatly appreciated. Though it was cold, still it wasn’t perfect weather for ice sculptures and they were melting soon, but they were still great and it leave me so nice memories. I’ve heard that in Summer they’re going to arrange the sand sculpture festival also, which sounds amazing. Definitely gonna visit the city again.

#1 The ice sculpture festival


On the second half of February we had a Youth Exchange in Inesi, where there were participants from Belarus, Georgia, Italy and Latvia. Me and Beatrice also participated in some many activities and also were helping youngsters during the workshops. I should admit it was my 6 th Youth Exchange and really gave me a lot nice memories. Have met and got known new people. I think I will pick up some useful ideas which I might realize during my EVS. Was also happy that took a active part for organizing the talent show for the Youth exchange.

#3Preparation for talent show

#4 The talent show

In the end of February got an invitation from EVS colleagues to visit them in Saldus and took a part in one activity for local youngsters. The activity was for EVS volunteers to present their countries – it’s basic information and main stereotypes. Glad that it appeared quite interesting.



Hi Everyone!

My name is Giorgi, but some people usually call me George. My family name is Beridzishvili. I come from Georgia, and I’m a new EVS volunteer in Vecpiebalga with Beatrice Honer, since 14 th of January, 2015 until 1 st of October 2015. Actually I was supposed to begin my EVS project earlier, but just my Visa took some additional time. Anyways, I’m so happy to be here, in this beautiful country and spend my time with nice Latvian people.

You might ask me why did I choose Latvia for me EVS? Well, the thing is I’m generally interested in other cultures and people. One of my big wish was to get know Baltic people and culture close, specially when my female friend did her EVS in Latvia, she strongly suggested me to get here and experience the country better. It’s been just 18 days since my arrival and I’ve already experienced a lot, like unexpectedly lots of things.

In some few days I met too many Latvian people, met the other EVS volunteers from different countries, have been in some 6-7 cities and had my on-arrival training. Honestly I was surprised by the calmness of Local people. They seem to be a very nice, hospitable, and polite, like they never get angry On the second day of my arrival I went to youth center to see my future working place and youngsters who are coming there everyday. I was pleased to see the youngsters who were very welcomed to see me. At the beginning they didn’t talk to me much, but then everyone was so interested about my country and culture I’ve come from.On 31 st of January me and Beatrice with some youngsters went to Liepāja where we took a part in one cultural evening for young people. Actually the evening was so cool, it gave an opportunity to get know Vecpiebalga’s youngsters close and also met some other EVS volunteers. I will stay in Latvia for more 8 months and I think it will be a great time in my life. As I’m never afraid of different challenges so far, think EVS will be a great chance for my personal development. hjihk


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