10 days left. 10 days in this country where I spent the last 9 months exploring and learning new things and places. I’m very thankful for this adventure. But all good things come to an end, I will go back to Hamburg. I don’t know yet what I will do, I hope to find my way through university…who knows what will happen.!

I’m starting to pack my things, its incredible how much stuff you can collect in 9 months, or maybe i’m just a messie…


Kaive- the place to be- or not…



Last trip!


my last trip to Klaipeda..



Finally its spring, I feel the sun! I even got sunburned a little bit in my face- yeah it has been a long time since I saw her 😉

I will stay one more month in Latvia- I wanna see the latvian summer, even if I don’t believe it yet that it will come one day!

Finally I get quite a lot in your difficult language- so be careful when you’re talking, you have a spy! 😉

I have the feeling that I visited quite whole Latvia- i just didn’t see Liepaja and Daugavpils-


So much different landscapes- seaside, countryside, and your cute cities.

My  mum visited me in march and we made a roadtrip through Bauska, Rudale, Ventspils, Kuldiga, Riga, Sigulda,  Cesis and Vecpiebalga of course. I really love your roads! What a quality 😉 But honestly, I’m really happy that they are making something new on the big road to Cesis, then I will finally be able to read a book in the bus without shaking the hole time 😉

Two weeks ago I went to Yoga in Inesi- was very nice, I hope I’ll be motivated to go there next week again!  Its very sad that all those kind of activities are in the other villages, and not in the “main” village but that means that I can hitchhike a lot 😉

I only started in Latvia to hitchhike and I really enjoy it. Of course there’s always a risk- but its also an adventure! You meet new people, who speak latvian, only latvian or only russian and you have to talk with hands to communicate with them. And if you don’t know how to thank them you just start to sing some songs (works pretty good !). Sometimes you just sit in the car and wait while the owner is doing some stuff and you’re accompagning him on his trip. Sometimes you meet people who have already been in your hometown and you wonder ! All those little “meetings” give me  the possibility to get to know the people of the country I live in.


Happy New Year!

Here some quick pictures about what I did during the holidays!

I travelled the two weeks with my new Backpack which I got from Santa ! 🙂

Some days before Christmas, I went to visit some friends in Jelgava. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures but I’ll describe what we did. We went ice skating and I accompagnied them to their workplace, a youth centre in a small village next to Jelgava. We had a Christmas event for children where I – AGAIN- made bracelets 😉

I celebrated christmas in Rezekne with Enora, my German friend Paul and another volunteer from Russia, Nasdja, and a Latvian, Tanya. I was so happy that it started to snow one day before christmas. !


After Christmas I went to Vilnius with Paul and Enora. It’s such an amazing city and the weather was perfect for discovering it!

P1040150 P1040132 P1040233 P1040229 P1040239

We also went to the district Uzupis which is an inofficial Republik with its own constitution.


And here the link to the fabulous constitution of Uzupis. Its translated in over 15 different languages, such as French, German, Georgian, Spanish and so on!


For New Year we came back to Riga.



from the 5th to the 9th of decembre I went to the on arrival training for european volunteers which took place in Vecupenieki near Riga.


The main objective of the on-arrival training is to introduce the volunteers to the host country, preparing them for the service period and the EVS experience. On-arrival training helps the volunteers adapt to cultural and personal challenges. It allows volunteers to get to know each other and to build a network. Volunteers should also receive guidance on conflict prevention and crisis management.At the same time, this training equips the volunteers with communication skills, including aspects of intercultural learning. It helps them become aware that cultural differences require different models of behaviour. The training is also a time for the volunteers to plan the coming months and to develop their own personal goals for their period of service, in line with the non-formal learning philosophy of EVS.If volunteers have already spent time in their Host Organisation, they exchange their first experiences and clarify questions related to their project.It is binding for every EVS volunteer to participate at one of the on-arrival Trainings if they stay 3 months or longer. If a volunteers stays 6 months or longer he or she has also to go to the midterm-training.This five days were rich of new experiences, new knowlegde, less sleep and new friends.1795296_10205237586648058_7336023209999315885_o10491387_10205237594648258_8233274757484009425_o 10842234_10205237592168196_4930204776269752009_o10847417_10205237592048193_2151367398522329183_o


P1030850 P1030877




The last two weeks has been very hard. For some time there were no employees or volunteers in the Youth Centre. If there were some people, I was sent back home because the Centre was closed. Which was also in connection of the works which were made outside but anyway the children could come if they wouldn’t have been sent home.

Now, we have a new employee.

It is Linda Ķaukule, she is now responsible for everything.


We have lots of ideas and I aprecciate a motivated ”boss” next to me. 🙂

otrdiena, 11.novembris 2014

I’m in Vecpiebalga since one month and exactly eleven days now and I can say that I’m getting used to village life! And I have to admit that I appreciate it 😉 It’s absolutely not like the life in a big city, where you always have to wait for the busses to go to the city centre or back home, and it doesn’t take you one hour to cross Vecpiebalga from one side to another like it’s in Hamburg. So all in all I can say that it’s pretty nice to go by foot everywhere.!

Twice a week I have latvian lessons..last week I started to learn how to adjust the nouns to the cases. Its incredible! In German we just have four, but you crazy Latvian have 7 ! It is so hard to learn this language ! But as the project title says I have to apply “challenge myself”!

I met a lot of volunteers, even if I didn’t had my On arrival training yet (=training for every EVS volunteer after one month) thanks to Enora from Jaunpiebalga who already had her training and who is taking me everywhere she goes ! I had the chance to see Rezekne which is actually a really nice city. They have a culture centre called “Gors” where a lot of concerts are happening and there’s also a cinema.


We went for a walk through the woods and arrived at Ančupānu which is a wooden viewing tower where you have a wonderful view over Rezekne and you can almost see Russia!


Yes, we had to climb……




we finally arrived on the top of the tower!


Germany, France, Latvia and Italy united 😉

AND I went to two ‘pirts’this last weeks. It is totally different than in other countries, but I really enjoyed. It was a totally new experience to jump in a pond with such low temperatures outside, I just screamed the whole time 😉

Last friday  Enora and Yann, the two volunteers from Jaunpiebalga stayed in our Youth Centre in Vecpiebalga for the afternoon.!






16.october 2014

Yesterday I tried milk soup for the first time…


It was delicious!

On the week-end I went to Cēsis and visited the Castle with another volunteer from Jaunpiebalga.




on the way into the dark….


Because of the very very bad weather at the moment in Latvia, I decided to get some of these :


At the moment we are doing some Friendship Bracelets in the Youth Centre


#1st Impressions

10.october 2014

My name is Béatrice Höner. I’m from Germany, I’m 18 years old and I will be in the Youth Centre for 8 months to do activities and some interesting things.

I arrived one week ago in Riga and I took the bus to Cēsis. The landscape here was really different for me, because I use to live in Hamburg, a big city in Germany. But it wasn’t a shock, because the Latvian landscape is really beautiful.

Lelde, the project manager, brought me to the appartment where I will live the next 8 months. I will share this appartment with two other persons inter alia with Girogi, the second volunteer who will come in November.

The appartment is very light.

The next day Lelde went to the Youth Centre with me. I thought she was working with me in the Youth Centre, but it is Zina who is responsible of the Youth Centre. Unfortunately she speaks Latvian and Russian, two languages which I don’t know. Its a motivation to learn Latvian now!

I’m really free to do activities I would like to-but I think at first I have to get to know the children and youth. Then I’ll be able to say what they like! The younger boys are often playing some online games or ping pong and table-foot-ball, but some played some “party-games” with me.

As I understood, everybody loves movie nights, so I think we’ll have fun!

The life in a village is really changing me, but in the positive way. I appreciate to be able to walk everywhere I need or want to go.

Some really nice girls are caring about me, it is really nice. They showed me the village the first day, took me to the party on saturday (nice experience too, Latvian are dancing different at parties than Germans!) or take me for a walk.  I think I will have a nice time here.

I’ll make my best to learn to communicate in Latvian as quickly as possible! I already had my first Latvian lesson with my lovely teacher Linda.


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