The Georgian organization “Georgian Youth for Europe” and German organization “VIA e.V. – Verein für internationalen und interkulturellen Austausch” each send one EVS volunteer to Latvia who will be hosted by Vecpiebalga Youth Centre “Balgas Strops”. The volunteers will stay in Latvia for 9/8 month. The main themes of the project are Rural development and urbanization, Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy) and Creativity and culture.
The main aim to carry out this project is to change geographical and social isolation of young people from Vecpiebalga region to the active participation based on possibilities.
The mission of the project  – with support of European volunteers open the world full of opportunities  for local youth in Vecpiebalga region.
The main objectives of the project:
– to promote local youth involvement in different non-formal activities and workshops;
– to promote initiatives of local youth;
–  to promote cultural diversity and interaction with youth from different countries;
–  to develop use and understanding of  non-formal education activities, programme “ERASMUS+” and European values  in Vecpiebalga region by visiting local schools;
– to promote volunteers self-development, to provide voluntary work and both side learning process.
The project will have positive impact to local society, and specially to youth, by creating different activities and workshops, sharing experiences, opening minds for different cultures, traditions and views, breaking stereotypes and experience differences and similarities between different countries, as well as give positive alternative for youngsters instead of using alcohol and drugs, being involved in criminal cases. It will be opportunity for Georgian and German volunteers and youth from Vecpiebalga region share their views about Europe, European Union, European citizenship and European values.







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