Summer and the last days of the project – “Be here to Dare”

On 28 th of June Beatrice, the German volunteer finished the project and went to home. It seemed like it’s going to be another big challenge for me to deal working alone with youngsters in our youth center. Fortunately everything went fine.

On 30 th June we organized movie night in Kaive, the neighborhood village which has truly wonderful park.    blog axThe evening was very nice and  full of many youngsters. We watched some movies, played some games and sang songs around the a bll

From the end of June youngsters began summer holidays, it meant that only few of them, just those who’s living in Vecpiebalga could manage to visit our youth center. So happened in July.

During the month there were just few visitors. They were coming for a while for playing Novus, some computer and other table games.

But I myself managed to make July busy. I traveled around the Latvia and Estonia and participated on youth exchange in Rujiena. Have to say that in was one of the remarkable time for me.
rujienaOn 15 th August  we had a sport games in the neighborhood village – Taurene. To be honest we had much expectations that a lot of youngster would come to participate, but it didn’t happen. It also makes sense cause a lot of them are living invillages, helping parents taking care of cows and produce not so taste cheese.


We all were so excited for the beginning of September, when the youngsters begin study at school again and coming in our youth center. For the beginning of that period me and linda had already planed some activities..but the time just passed sooo quickly and in the meanwhile I got a job offer from meant that no later than the first week of September I needed to go back to my country.

On 28 th of August I said goodbye to almost everyone in I knew Vecpiebalga (my project coordinator, responsible person of the youth center, the post office director and some other 1-2 friends) and left the town on Saturday morning.

My EVS project ended up. I think generally it was a great experience and opportunity for me to learn a lot and gain my knowledge in lots of fields. Met lots of people and got new friends of life.

I’m sure I will use this skills in my life.


Giorgi Beridzishvili

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