Liepāja – Nīca international Youth Day

On 31st of january we made a big trip. We started at 6 o’clock in the morning and our destination was Liepāja, or better say, the youth centre in Nīca which is about 20 km from Liepāja. It was the 4th Youth Day which was organized in Nīca and the theme was “Movies”. Each youth centre which was invited has to represent a different movie or serie such as ”Minions, harry Potter or Shrek”! We arrived quite early so we had time to make a quick stop at the baltic sea ! As accompagning person we had Lelde with us ! IMG_4274 For this Youth Day we had to dress up like the ”Simpsons Family” ! IMG_4292 IMG_4297 IMG_4295 There was a big programm with Quiz, some chemical experiments and nice music performances ! Also every team had to present themself with a short appearance on stage ! IMG_4303 In the afternoon we made an orientation game through Nīca where we had some exercises to do. IMG_4376 IMG_4399 IMG_4416 10945805_982153978472826_7541418447897312367_o After that there was the final meeting where each represented youth centre got an oscar ! If you want to see more pictures, here are the links to the pictures which took the photographer n Nīca !

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